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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Securities-Based Lending?
Securities-based lending, or a stock loan, is the practice of using market investments such as stocks, ETF’s, warrants, bonds, or real estate investment trusts as collateral for a loan.
How much money can I get for my securities?
Borrow up to 80% of the value of your pledged investments giving you the capital you need to expand your business, purchase real estate, or tackle a costly project.
What happens if my securities lose value?
With a non-recourse stock loan, you can walk away from your securities at any time and keep the loan money with no negative credit consequences even if the investments lose value.
Is my information safe with ILP?
We pride ourselves on outstanding service and make client confidentiality our top priority. You can always be absolutely certain your information is safe with us.
How long does it take for the disbursement of funds?
Most of the transactions we process take less than 7 days from application to the disbursement of funds giving you cash quickly when you need it most.
What credit score do I need to qualify?
There are no credit checks or personal guarantees necessary with our services. Your pledged securities are the only collateral required for the loan you receive.

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